Uplink: Unemployment Programs
Make Sure to Validate Your Mailing Address
Please help us serve you better by keeping your address, phone numbers, and email address up to date. This can be done by accessing Uplink Claimant Self Service and reviewing and updating your information on the Claimant Homepage.
Calculate Remaining Weeks of Benefits
To Calculate Remaining Weeks of Benefits:
  • Find the column labeled "Status".
  • In the "Status" column, locate a row labeled "Open" that has a remaining balance.
  • Divide the amount listed under "Remaining Balance" by the number in that same row under the "Weekly Benefits" column.
  • The result is the number of weeks of benefits you have left.
Using the example above, the calculation should look like this: Remaining Balance ($2,808.00) / Weekly Benefit ($108.00) = Weeks of Benefits Remaining (26)
Requirements to Receive Benefits
While receiving benefits, you must:
  • Register on IndianaCareerConnect.com within ten (10) days of filing your claim. (IC 22-4-14)

  • To fulfill work search requirements you must conduct three (3) work searches per week in order to remain eligible for benefits. You may look for work in person, by mail, or online, and be able to verify your work search information to DWD upon request. Mailing or submitting a resume for an open position qualifies as a work search. Please see our Claimant Handbook, located at www.in.gov/dwd for more information.
Failure to complete these requirements will cause benefits to be denied until these requirements have been met.

NOTE: If you have a work search waiver (which includes DWD approved training, a return to work date of 60 days or less, or an active member of a hiring hall), you do not have to register in https://www.IndianaCareerConnect.com or post your resume and you do not have to report your work search efforts each week. However, you must still submit a weekly voucher and provide any required information.
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